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A Few Fun Links

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Did you all hear this story on NPR? Next month, Sotheby’s auctioning house will be taking bids on a 4,000 word magazine created by a teenaged Charlotte Bronte and her siblings. It contains short stories, news items, and advertisements, and it’s so small that it fits in the palm of a hand and must be read with a magnifying glass!

In one of Charlotte’s stories — a “powerful evocation of madness, especially when you think this is coming from a 14-year-old girl,” Heaton says — a man imprisons his enemy in the attic. He goes mad with guilt and imagines his enemies setting fire to his bed curtains.

It’s a scene that prefigures the famous madwoman-in-the-attic and the bed burning from Jane Eyre, proving that this small manuscript might be more than just a curiosity. Heaton says, “There are clear links between this manuscript … and the later work.”

So cool.

In other news, my favorite comics character, T-Rex of Dinosaur Comics, read Pride and Prejudice the other day. Well, he saw one of the movies, anyway, and offers a very insightful interpretation of Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship.

Heehee 🙂

Written by Emily Jane

December 5, 2011 at 7:26 pm